(Please Note:  We are only available to provide services in AZ, Phoenix Metro area.)

Please review the requirements below for both our Low Income Boarding Program and our Temporary Care Program to determine which program meets your needs.  Keep in mind that we will need medical records prior to admittance to either program. 

If your pet is not medically ready, it can hold up the application process.  We can help you get your pet altered for free through the Maricopa County Voucher Program. Vaccinations and testing are additional cost.  In certain situations we can provide assistance for vaccinations and testing.


Temporary Care Requirements

Need boarding for 30-90 Days Max
Proof of Spay/Neuter
(Assistance is available to get your pet altered.)


Are you experiencing any of these circumstances? 

  • Foreclosure
  • Eviction (Must present Eviction notice)
  • Homelessness
  • Domestic Violence
  • Medical Treatment (> 30 days)


Current Vaccinations
(Assistance may be available.)

  • Rabies (Dogs)
  • Distemper/Parvo (Dogs)
  • Bordatella (Dogs)
  • FVRCP (Cats)

The Boarding Facility that we use for this program is kennel free.  This is similar to a Doggie Day Care setting.  Therefore, all dogs must pass a behavior evaluation, and get along with other dogs. 

All Fees for Temporary Care must be paid at the time of Check in.

Cats:  $3/day   

Dogs:  $5/day

If you do not meet the requirements for Temporary Care, then you can opt for Low Cost Boarding instead. >>>>>>>>>>



Low Income Boarding Requirements

Unable to afford standard boarding fees at other boarding facilities.

Proof of Spay/Neuter or payment of additional fees if you choose not to have your pet altered
(Assistance is available to get your pet altered.)


(Assistance may be available.)

  • Rabies (Dogs)
  • Distemper/Parvo (Dogs)
  • Bordatella (Dogs)
  • FVRCP (Cats)
  • FeLV/FIV negative test result


Dates of Check in and Check out must be determined prior to check in.

All Fees for Low Cost Boarding must be paid at the time of Check in.


  • Split Level Condo ($7/day/cat)
  • Large Double Condo- 1 level  ($10/day for a single cat, $7/day/cat for 2 or more cats in same kennel)


  • Standard 5x5 Kennel ($13/day, $10 for 2nd dog in same kennel)
  • Large 5x10 kennel ($18/day, $10 for 2nd dog in same kennel) 

These prices are all inclusive. No additional cost for treats, potty breaks, medicating, etc...

In order to keep your pet's digestive system "happy", Pet Owners are responsible for supplying their pet's food.  If you choose for us to feed your pet the Grain Free/No Corn food that we give to our shelter pets, there will be an additional fee of $2/day/pet.